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Susu Kambing Asli
Susu Kambing Asli
Susu Kambing Asli
Susu Kambing Asli
Susu Kambing Asli
Susu Kambing Asli
Susu Kambing Asli
Susu Kambing Asli
Susu Kambing Asli

Susu Kambing Asli

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Audela Goat Milk comes in two flavor, ORIGINAL and TEH TARIK which can be drink by all ages as a daily drink.

susu kambing also focus on :

⭐ eradicate gastric

⭐ helps strengthen bones

⭐ enrich the skins

⭐ improve body's immune system

Product Information :  21g x 10 sachets in a box


Take 1 sachet everyday before/after breakfast.

Pour into cup of cold/warm/hot water (any) (150ml), Stir well before drink.


1. How to consume Audela goat's milk ?

Audela goat's milk can be drink 1-2 times a day. Just need to mix with 150ml of hot or warm water. Once mix well, ice can be added for a more refreshing taste.

2. Does Audela original goat milk smell rancid ?

No, Audela goat's milk does not smell rancid. The delicious taste makes many people drink and enjoy it.

3. Who can consume Audela goat's milk ?

Original goat's milk can be consume by the whole family, as early as 1 year's old and above.

4. I am a mother who is 'pregnant' and 'breastfeeding' a child, can I drink Audela goat's milk? 

Yes, Audela goat's milk can be used because it helps providing energy to the pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and reduce the risk of jaundice in babies.

5. Does Audela goat's milk contain sugar?

original goat's milk does NOT contain sugar. 

p/s : For those with diabetes, you can take original goat milk

6. Can Audela goat milk be mixed into coffee, chocolate and any other drinks?

Yes, Audela goat milk can be mixed into other drinks and it will taste more better.

7.  Can those suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, gastric and others drink Audela goat's milk?

Yes. However, you are advised to seek advice from a doctor first.

8. Can Audela goat milk cause obesity?

Nope. Audela goat's milk is suitable for those who want to control their weight or maintain an ideal weight. Nutrition experts around the world agree with milk consumption as a basic requirement in a healthy daily diet. 

9. What are the variations of Audela goat milk products?

There are 2 types of Audela goat's milk:

Goat's Milk – Original

Goat's Milk – Teh Tarik